3 Best diet apps free

This is an era of smartphones and people are making the best use of them to keep a track in terms of health and fitness. A few years ago, we used pen and paper to track various habits like food intake and workouts and considered it as one of the topmost ways to implement self-discipline in our lives.

3 Best diet apps free

My Fitness Pal

Immensely collated food database and has over 3 million food items which include restaurant foods too that are not easy to track. The calorie tracking has been in a clean, easy and neat manner for the customers to use. Consists of food monitoring, tools, refined analysis, and progress tracking tools. One of the major benefit, all important features are free to use. The app connects to all kinds of wearable devices. Easy to use, calming colors and in-built layout. A social media function to get motivated by friends.

Fit bit

This app helps you to lose weight and stay in shape. Fit bit wearable devices are available which can be connected to the app for better tracking. This app provides you with a good amount of information so that you can keep records of your weight and health goals. Easy to use tools and has different ways of showing your progress and motivates you. The device helps you in measuring a number of steps taken, stairs climbed, distance covered and heart rate. You can keep a continuous track of your food, water, sleep habits, and weight goals. Allows you to connect with your friends who are already using the device so that you can participate in different challenges with them and share it.

Healthify me

Healthifyme is powered by top most coaches –Nutritionists, Yoga and Fitness experts. The database of this app has most of the Indian foods with their native names. Includes lifestyle tracking like food intake, activities performed, water intake, weight monitoring and footsteps counting on a daily basis. Displays automated historic data, macronutrients breakdown and daily awareness on calorie budgets. Daily/weekly challenges by the coaches to the clients for a fun, interactive way to weight loss. Easy to follow and customized diet and workout plans by the equipped coaches who understand your requirements and plan accordingly. Allows you to connect with a group of like-minded health enthusiasts to discuss, motivate and share each other’s weight loss journey. Displays healthy food alternatives over junk and unhealthy foods thus making smart food choices. The lively and colorful design and easy to use quick tracking options.

These are the 3 best diet apps free to download and use.

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