4 Tech Brands That Are Leading in Social Media Marketing

Tech companies were also leaders in the area of social media marketing. HP became the first organization to reach one million LinkedIn followers. GE was one of the first companies to use Facebook Live for an event of great significance. For its multi-platform web show, AT&T won the 2016 Shorty Award for Best Online Group, @SummerBreak. These businesses set a high bar to use innovative techniques and creative ad formats. They continue to deliver effective campaigns that encourage marketers to push their limits and refine their strategies. Especially here are five top tech brands that lead the social media marketing charge.

GE on Pinterest

Pinterest conjures visions of cupcake recipes and home decoration— not facts about machines and research. And yet, with more than 27,000 followers and almost 40 custom boards, GE has made a name for itself on the website. One of the most popular Pinterest boards of the brand is “Hey Woman,” which puts a spin on the famous meme featuring Ryan Gosling. Rather than displaying the actor’s photos of feminist pick-up lines, GE developed Thomas Edison’s graphics of science-themed pick-up lines. For example, this one produced over 3.2 K pins.

Cisco on Twitter

Cisco is catalyzing social change in a world steeped in political controversies and devastating news. The company’s latest advertisement, “There’s Never Been a Better Time,” embraces the belief that technology will help address some of the toughest problems in the world. As Cisco CMO Karen Walker wrote, “In five years ‘ time, projections suggest digital innovation will replace nearly four of the top 10 business leaders. While this is a time of great change, it is also a time of enormous opportunity.

IBM on LinkedIn

With over three million followers, IBM has been called one of LinkedIn’s most prominent tech brands. The IT company is using its page to share innovations in the business, sneak peeks on new products and stories from its employees.

Microsoft on Instagram

Microsoft can sell computer programs but its content on Instagram is about real people. In 2014, four years after the launch of Instagram, the company launched its global account with a calculated approach: showcase inspiring stories from people using Microsoft technology to pursue their interests and build change. Instagram put together a team to travel the globe and meet actual Microsoft customers who do incredible things. They then shared photos, videos, and stories with the hashtag #DoMore on Instagram. For starters, their first story introduces Laila Ghanbari, a barista who uses Skype to share her talents with businesspeople across the globe.

Building a community around multinational software and hardware may seem tough. But as these top tech brands prove, you just need to find innovative ways to spread your message and get your audience engaged. Exit your comfort zone and seek out new platforms. Giving the clients a shared reason for rallying around. Celebrate people who fuel their passions using your goods. Using these main approaches, you can initiate successful campaigns, and even invent new techniques that encourage others to turn to your brand.

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