5 Best Stocks under 100

Daily updates of the best and worst performing stocks under 100. Best sure to check back daily to see which stocks top the charts. If you’re a new investor looking to buy an affordable stock or a veteran who wants to diversify their portfolio with some small-cap stocks look no further. Day traders can use this list below to find the best, or more volatile, best stocks under 100.

5 Best Stocks under 100


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One thing we all probably take for granted is aluminum. But boy, it really is everywhere. For Constellium, that truth is the heart of a business.
Paris-based Constellium makes aluminum products for all sorts of industries. It’s behind beer cans, cars, next-generation armored vehicles and airplane fuselage. Clearly the company has a diversified clientele.

Vonage (VG)

Vonage is getting a makeover, and boy, does it need one. After the company’s 2006 IPO, Vonage customers filed a class-action lawsuit after early investors lost money. By the end of the year, VG stock was down almost 60%. And 2020 wasn’t much prettier, bringing a 20% share-price decline. But things might finally be looking up.

Plug Power (PLUG)

Unlike some names on this list, Plug Power stock is actually up year-to-date, to the tune of 32%. But that’s not it for PLUG stock. It sits near $4.17 now, but analysts think it could shoot as high as $6.13 in the next year.

That’s still over 40% upside. Plug Power produces and designs hydrogen fuel cell systems that replace conventional batteries. Essentially, whereas traditional batteries take several hours to recharge, PLUG systems recharge in just minutes.

Ovid Therapeutics

It would be almost impossible to talk about promising cheap stocks to buy without mentioning at least one biotech name. That’s because these high-risk, high-reward companies perfectly underline both the pros and cons of this type of investing. Just as a biotech company could bring in 100%-plus returns, it could crash and burn with negative trial results.

X4 Pharmaceuticals

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Another great and cheap biotech stock to buy is X4 Pharmaceuticals. Plus, this company is increasingly relevant right now. Covid-19 is drawing attention to immuno compromised individuals, and the work that biopharmaceutical companies are doing to help them. That’s where X4 Pharmaceuticals comes in.

Here are the basics. Primary immunodeficiency diseases (PID) are a group of disorders where part of the body’s immune system doesn’t work. Hope you got an information about best stocks under 100.

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