5 Types of Marketing Campaigns

There are many different ways to market your company and brand. This lesson will dive into a few of the different types of marketing campaigns and provide strategies for each. It was hard picking the best marketing campaigns of 2020 so far. With an increasing number of emerging channels and technologies in the hands of marketers, today’s campaigns are, in their vast majority, extremely innovative and impactful.

5 Types of Marketing Campaigns

1. Promotional Campaigns:

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These are what most likely come to mind when developing marketing plans, but it helps to coordinate your multichannel promotional campaigns with other types of messages. Some might be part of your ongoing lifecycle marketing but some of these might be triggered or special campaigns highlighting time-limited offers. Looking through examples of multichannel promotional campaigns will help you see how these campaigns can work across channels to maximum effect.

2. Onboarding Campaigns:

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These welcome campaigns are great for getting users started on the right track. They can vary greatly according to the functionality of each app or website, but the goal is to introduce your brand’s promise, point out key features that users will need to understand to get the full value from your company, and lay the foundation for consistent engagement. Since 55% of users who engage in the first week after download are retained, onboarding is key for long-term engagement.

3. Triggered Campaigns:

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These personalized messages are set up to send in response to a user action, a receipt email is sent, triggered by a purchase or a congratulatory push message is sent after a gaming app user reaches 1,000 points. This a good example of where message types aren’t mutually exclusive. All of the above campaigns can be triggered, and transactional campaigns, by definition, are triggered. Triggered messages don’t have to send immediately after the user action.

4. Channel Centric Campaigns:

Once you have selected your individual channels, you need to plan on a channel by channel basis to ensure the right results. What do you need to communicate? When do you plan to do it? What channels will you utilize? Whether looking at direct mail, social media, or email marketing, there is significant planning required. Even a single email marketing campaign requires real commitment and more than merely pushing for sales, with specific preparation and knowledge put into the content for the emails themselves in addition to testing for the best results.

On a last line to say, above are the types of marketing campaigns, that you will take care for your business.

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