Agriculture business ideas in India

Maintaining a consistent growth since the year 2017, global agriculture and food business has a worth value of $5 trillion now. Agriculture is not just a farmer thing to do. There are many opportunities for small businesses in the agriculture field. India is a land where farmers face many issues like drought, excessive rains, pests, etc which damage the crop and they have to face huge losses. If farmers are aware about the agriculture business ideas then many problems can be solved. Let us discuss some ideas.

1. Dried flower venture:
If you want to own a small agricultural business then you can opt for a dried flower venture. Flower agriculture is the fast growing sector and when not in demand they get wasted. You can grow, process and sell them and create a business opportunity for you in the year 2020. You can sell them to hobbyists and craft stores which need them regularly. You can grow exotic flowers which are in high demand during the wedding season for the decoration purposes.

2. Fish farming:
Due to the health concerns, many people are looking for white meat options in place of red meat. This change can create an opportunity for you for fish farming. In 2020, this agriculture business is going to be the best and most promising business. Tilapia is the best fish species for the commercial purposes for the fish farmers. All you need to have is proper knowledge about fishing and farming and you need some capital as well to start this business.

3. Veggies and fruit farming:
This could be one of the best agriculture business ideas as the vegan population is increasing these days, so is the demand for fruits and vegetables. If you focus on quality and chemical free organic farming of fruits and vegetables, then it can create a way of heavy income. You need to have land for farming and proper equipment and machines for the cultivation of the crops. Also you need to bear the expenses of fertilizers, seeds, labors, etc.

4. Fertilizer distribution venture:
This business idea cannot be failed as fertilizer is used in every agricultural practice. There are several hectares of the land which is used for farming and for the proper growth of the crops, fertilizer is essential. Even for home gardening or terrace gardening purposes also fertilizer is needed. So this could be the great opportunity to start a fertilizer distribution venture.
So there are some best agriculture business ideas for small scale business at low investment.

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