Air fryer vs Oven: what is the difference

Air fryer is the new kitchen technology for the food lovers as well as health conscious people at the same time. It is a smart kitchen appliance which needs little or no oil to cook the food. It follows the safest and healthy method of cooking. In an air fryer the food is cooked under hot air which evenly cooks the food in a proper manner. Now you must be thinking that in a convection oven the same technology is used where food is cooked under hot air. Then what is the difference between an air fryer and oven? Let us check some points on the air fryer vs oven.

  1. Principle:

 Principle wise both are the same, however, there is a difference in the type of cooking. In a convection oven the coils present on top and bottom of the oven are heated due to electric current and the temperature is too high which does not work properly for soft baked goods like cakes, pastries, etc. While in an air fryer the healing element is situated just above the food but the heat is circulated by the fan evenly and dispersed in a basket in the proper manner. This results in no direct heat to the food. This helps in cooking soft foods properly. This is the reason that air fryers are best to cook the baked goods for better results.

  1. Cooking time:

If we talk about timing, then in an air fryer it might take less time to cook the food and the reason behind this fact is that the basket of the food is smaller in an air fryer which helps in keeping the food compact to expose it to the heat properly and it helps in saving cooking time. In a convection oven, the area is bigger than the air fryer so food needs time to cook. One more difference is that an air fryer is better to cook crispy foods than a convection oven.

  1. Cleaning:

For cleaning purposes, an air fryer is an easy deal. Cleaning an air fryer is easier than convection oven. If anything drips, it will be in the food basket only which we need to slide out and wash and the work is done. But in an oven if something spills or drips, the entire oven chamber you need to clean with cloth or tissue which takes time.

  1. Storage:

Convection oven is bigger in size, so obviously it needs a permanent place on the counter top in your kitchen. Whereas an air fryer is smaller in size and you can keep it in the cupboard also when not in use.

So these are basic differences between air fryer vs oven. Now you can make a better choice.

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