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If you’re a gamer then you know the word gaming consoles and the joy of playing on gaming consoles are familiar. There is a constant battle over whether PC Gaming or Gaming Consoles is better across the gaming history.

Game consoles are much older than computer gaming as the concept of video games began in the late 1950s and later companies including Nintendo, Sony, Sega later helped to grow the gaming industry and helped to increase their popularity.

Though Sony created a line of gaming consoles called Play Station, known as PS, which continues to dominate the gaming industry. Microsoft had other ideas and it was able to build its own gaming consoles.

Now you can look at some of the best ideas about newest gaming consoles coming out. Check them out below;

known as Xbox which became a direct competitor to Sony’s Playstation.

According to reports, both devices offer equal and rich gaming experiences that excite the gaming community and the pros and cons are negligible while it depends on personal preferences.

Newest Gaming Consoles Coming Out

Xbox Scarlett

Xbox Scarlett is the latest edition of the series of Xbox and it was expected to be released in the fall of 2019 but later  Microsoft announced that they have postponed till the launch date further to 2020.

The gaming console is an upgrade to the older generations of the Xbox and has many features like wifi, HDMI port., Vr support etc.

Play Station PS5

This is one of the most awaited releases in the gaming community as Sony’s Playstation 4 was the last gaming console that hit the market in 2013. Sony took almost 6 years to developed Playstation 5 which will be officially released in 2020.

The company claims that it is going to be the fastest gaming console to be ever created in Sony’s history.

Google Stadia

Another gaming console is the Google Stadia which apparently is not a gaming console but it functions as a gaming console. It is a cloud-based gaming service which requires no additional hardware and requires an internet connection and a chrome browser to play these games.

Google Stadia was released in the fall of 2019.


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