Benefits of technology in education

Advancements in technology makes the education system better. However, many experts and educators believe that involvement of technology in the education system distracts the students and therefore, it is not a good idea of using technology in education. But if the technology is used in the right directions for right purposes then it can be beneficial for both the students and the teachers. Let us highlight the technology benefits in education to understand the importance of it.

  1. Makes teaching easy:

Are you not able to make the students understand theoretical explanations? Is it really difficult for students to get the tough concepts clear? Here technology has a power to make it easy. With the help of projectors, you can play videos related to the topic which will be really helpful in making the students understand about the concepts and facts. This makes the teaching effective and a teacher can focus on weak students as well.

  1. Saves environment:

Now you do not have to waste papers and maintain a diary for all the students to keep notes about them and their reports. Infact, if every school decides to have digital textbooks, then we can save a great number of trees. Teachers can give their students assignments to be completed online and email. Whole assessment can be done online from tests to marking. This can create a great and positive impact on the environment.

  1. Teacher can track students’ progress:

One best technology benefit in education is that teachers can track the progress of the student online with the help of apps. There are several apps like My student progress and the teacher cloud progress tracker which are really in keeping the progress record of every student. It will be a safe method and sorted as well.

  1. Student enjoy learning:

Students are always interested in facebook, instagram, etc but you can make them enjoy the online studies as well. There are many educational apps which you can use for the teaching purposes. It will make the students more engaged and involved in the learning. You can organise some online quizzes on the touch screen gadgets. This will increase their curiosity to use and learn about it and they will be interested in taking part in quiz as well which will be beneficial for them.

  1. Makes distance learning accessible:

Now along with the job, people can enroll for the distance learning programs for further studies. This is possible because of the online lectures and assignments and all thanks to technology which makes it accessible for all anywhere in the country.

So these are education benefits in education.

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