Best Alexa Speakers For Home

Thanks to Amazon for giving us smart speakers like Alexa which became an indispensable home gadget. You need to just give it a voice command and it can book the appointments, set the reminders for you, play songs, tell news, tell recipes, and whatnot. It has become the number one choice if you want to control the home gadgets with your voice command. Here we have prepared a list of the best Alexa speakers for home which you can choose for your home.

Best Alexa speakers for home

Amazon echo dot 3rd generation:

This is the best and affordable Alexa speaker with a decent and smart sound. It is a virtual voice assistant. It has great compatibility with WiFi and Bluetooth both. This product is not a heavy product, it weighs 300 gm only and can be placed anywhere in the home. This is the best-budgeted speaker to start your morning with some soothing background music.

Amazon echo plus:

You cannot get the best one like this at this price. This is one of the best alexa speakers for your home with such smart features. It is just 10 cm in width and 15 cm in height. It looks cute yet trendy. Because of the cylindrical shape, it has a fine balance and beautiful design which fills the room with decent and strong sound. It can be paired up with other Amazon products also. 

Sonos One:

Without any doubt or argument, this is the all-rounder smart Alexa speaker which you can get for your home and it has all the functionalities you need. It is equipped with both virtual assistants, Google and Alexa. You can chat with Google assistant and listen to songs with Alexa speakers. You can turn into a music system by attaching other sonos speakers. It has WiFi connectivity but does not work on Bluetooth. 

Audio pro addon C5A:

It has a virtual assistant Alexa and it works well with WiFi and Bluetooth both. It has detailed and dynamic sound which makes it a perfect smart speaker for your home. Apart from that, it has a brilliant sense of timing and alexa control. All these features make it the best product in this price range.

Amazon echo show 5:

It is an alexa built in speaker which works fine with WiFi and bluetooth both which allow you to stream videos and audio with just a voice command. It has a decent touch screen panel which is easy to use.

So these are some best alexa speakers for home which you can buy.

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