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Sometimes, this question arises that leaders are born or made. The answer to this question might be tough but the truth is that our country needs great leaders to make it a developed nation. In making great leaders, the best Indian business school plays an important role. These business schools build the leadership qualities in the students which will be helpful in fulfilling the gaps between employer and employee in future. Leadership quality is among the top three qualities which are required to run a company with the employees. Let us check out some ways by which business schools are becoming innovative to build up leadership qualities among students.

  1. Experiential learning:

Now business schools are actively trying to include theory in practice with the help of case studies, company projects, internships, simulation games, mock exercises, etc. This is known as experiential learning which is mandatory to experience the actual difficulties. This learning makes the people come out of their comfort zones and learn leadership with the help of real experiences.

  1. Structured programs on leadership:

There are many business schools in India out of which you can decide the best Indian business school which provides the structured programs and courses on leadership for students. This is the crucial step taken by the business schools by understanding the need of the leadership qualities. These courses help students in analyzing their strengths and weaknesses and develop at their leadership qualities and make improvements in the existing ones.

  1. Cross cultural student exchange programs:

Cross cultural student exchange programs are the programs in which students stay in different countries during the academic year for sometime to know about the culture of different countries. They also have different work environments and business practices which helps in building global business perspectives to get the opportunities in future.  

  1. Inclusion of entrepreneurship in curriculum:

There are many people who want to be entrepreneurs, not everyone wants to go in the corporate sector. Being an entrepreneur also needs leadership qualities. Many business schools provide innovation labs and also organize startup pitch competitions which help students think and act like an entrepreneur. 

  1. Technology driven pedagogy:

Now technology and digitization are really helpful in shaping the leadership qualities. Involvement of the technology along with the business tactics helps in meeting the needs of the improved leadership qualities. Now business schools are seriously focussing on nurturing the leadership qualities in the students.

This is how every best Indian business school is trying to improve the teaching methodology.

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