Best online games to play with friends

Only because during the coronavirus pandemic you can not be physically with your mates doesn’t mean you can not play with them. And having fun isn’t just for kids. Research indicate that playing video games as an adult can do anything from helping you deal with your depression in order to improve your overall well-being — something we all need in these tough times.

During this time the right games can bring together families and friends in a really positive way, “says Jessica Rovello, CEO and co-founder of Arkadium. She says teens separated from friends are possibly still engaging in games like Fortnite, younger kids can compete on Minecraft and Roblox, and adults can keep their minds focused playing a word game online or relax by getting lost in a game of hidden objects.

Here are some of the best online games to play with friends during this period of social distancing that are sure to put you and your clan together:

Jackbox Games

This could just be the official lockdown coronavirus game, as new platform account creations have emerged as more and more people have discovered it’s popular trivia game You Don’t Know Jack can be played with friends now.

The company’s recently posted a tutorial on how to do this here. The game will keep everyone on their toes as it tosses questions about pop culture trivia as quickly as you can answer. Host Cookie Masterson will walk you through the routine, while the occasional celebrity may pop up to lend a hand.

NBA 2k20

NBA 2K20 for Nintendo Switch - Nintendo Game Details

The postponement of the real-life NBA season could upset fans but the virtual NBA is still going high, “says Erb. “Gamers will finish the season and even play through a playoff run as they wait to start the season again. NBA players have also fired each other’s online arenas, simulating what would have happened if they had played in real life, “he adds. Both ages should carry a full squad to the courts, and compete in online matches as a single team. NBA 2k20 would set you back $60 on digital marketplaces, and $30 on Xbox One, PC, Move, and PS4 physical models. The game is available on Xbox Game Pass for free, too.

I hope we have included all the information about best online games to play with friends. Stay tuned for more updates.

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