Brilliant Marketing Strategy Examples From Dominant Brands

 Well, when talking about Marketing strategy is your business plan section, which outlines your overall game plan to find clients and clients for your business. … Marketing plan focuses on what you want your company to accomplish and marketing activities.

Since there is no one-size-fit-all approach to marketing, companies leading in their respective markets also will consider the best examples of marketing strategies. Here’s how five top brands are going about their marketing efforts, and their approaches’ key strengths.

1. GoPro

How GoPro's Content Marketing Puts Content Before eCommerce - Bluecore

Some may argue that GoPro is lucky because their product naturally results in highly visceral and immersive content which appeals to the emotions and encourages shares and interactions. GoPro material is after all genuine and shareable. Without a doubt this gives the brand a clear advantage when it comes to marketing.

GoPro has been involved in key communities, ensuring incredible brand recognition and adoption in key verticals, especially in the extreme and adventure sport sector. The brand also holds a strong position in particular niches, such as road cycling and scuba diving.

2. Heineken

The campaign appeals to the key Millennial Male audience of the brand. Focusing the brand on this audience has led the brand to actively invest in sports sponsorship: Heineken has established itself as a primary sponsor of the UEFA Champions League, and as a result has become a staple of Wednesday evening football nights.

Heineken brilliantly combines that creativity with a laser-focus on their key demographics, and continually scales that across many territories. Heineken has developed and implemented a consistent and integrated marketing strategy for multichannel companies.

3. Twitch

The power of Twitch is embedded in their culture, and also in the specific way they serve and maintain the culture. Twitch ‘s approach, as described in the following video from HP Matter, “sees a central Internet concept itself: people want to know and want to communicate with each other.” The brand ‘s role was to “build a community around a niche and create clever ways of bringing value.

4. Taco Bell

In early 2012, Taco Bell began a major rebranding campaign, and crucially, a reorientation of the brand’s labeling activities toward social media. Ad Age, who awarded the brand with their 2013 year award marketer, explained how “Taco Bell experimented with social media in ways other companies in its category did not reach its targeted millennial audience.”

So these are the best Marketing strategies examples that you can choose . And besides these, there are quite  a lot of choices that you can go for.We hope that provided information has been of help to you. If you have any queries related to these Marketing strategies examples then feel free to leave a comment below and  we will get back to you asap!

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