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In 2004, some people in Lithuania had a mission to create robust web hosting services available to everyone for free. The creators found alternative techniques to maximize hosting services at a low price, so 000webhost was born. A few years later, the company grew, and Hostinger became one of the most comprehensive hosting providers in the world. By January 2019, it had more than 29 million active users, with more than 20,000 new subscriptions every day. Hostinger has more than 500 employees and representatives in international offices located in Lithuania, Cyprus, Indonesia, and Brazil.

Reasons you will love Hostinger
Surprisingly Fast

TECH WATCH: Hostinger Business Hosting Has Over 29 Million Users ...

In case you don’t know, my team and I have launched a new system called HostScore to track hosting performance in 2019. We now have a system that constantly tracks server uptime every 5 minutes and runs tests for speed from 10 locations worldwide every 4 hours. . The massive data collected by the system allows me to better understand the performance of a web hosting provider and make a more accurate judgment.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee!

The speed and uptime test results from our Hostinger test site show that Hostinger is not messing with service reliability. Although any web host will occasionally have downtime, hopefully only for regularly scheduled maintenance or updates, but you don’t want your site to be idle for more than a few hours. Ideally, you will have scheduled downtime without keeping your site offline for more than 3-5 hours over the course of the month. You’re looking for around 99.40% uptime.

Custom Dashboard 

Hostinger uses its internally developed control panel, called hPanel, for its shared hosting platform. It works similarly to cPanel, but it comes with a sleek design and some modern usability settings, which makes it better than cPanel in my opinion. The full design of the hPanel control panel makes it easy for users to access important system functions, such as managing web files using the drag and drop loader in File Manager, setting up email accounts or changing their password, as well as Change PHP version and track use of web host resources.

Responsive Customer Care

Kit: Customer Care - AtBot

Each and every one of our Customer Success Agents has a mission to meet all of your needs to help you succeed online. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting to build your website or you already have a big business – our agents are ready to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year! You can communicate with the customer support team through live chat. In the lower right corner of your hPanel, you can see a purple square. When clicked, a pop-up window will appear. From there, you can navigate to customer service live chat or search the Hostinger Knowledge Base.

Unlimited Features- 
Free Domain

How to Get a Free Domain Name

Our free web hosting supports all possible domain names, such as “” or any other. You don’t have your own domain registered yet? No problem! You can choose our free subdomains. We also support all international domains. On the other hand, if you want to host your free website in the top level domain name, we recommend that you check the Hostinger domain verifier. This tool will help you choose the perfect name for your website!

Reasons you will love not Hostinger
No Free SSL

Installing a free SSL certificate on Hostinger is quite troublesome, although the official website claims they offer free SSL on shared plans. To install a free SSL certificate on your Hostinger site, you will need to generate a free SSL certificate in SSL for free and manually copy the certificate and private key to your account. You can find the detailed steps to install a free SSL on Hostinger here.

No Daily Backups 

This is a disadvantage that Hostinger does not provide daily backups. Daily backups are only provided to the highest-paid plans. You will get 10 GB of SSD storage space in 1 MySQL database and weekly backups and will be able to support up to 100 GB of bandwidth.

Plans Offered By Hostinger

A Brief History Hostinger -

Shared Hosting

What Is Shared Hosting? | Hapih Host

Hostinger’s shared hosting plans are suitable for those just starting out with a small website and in need of a budget option. There are three plans, with prices starting at $ 1.45 per month. Regardless of the option you choose, you ‘will have access to:

The Hostinger Website Builder
  • A 99.9% uptime guarantee (such guarantees are rare, especially among shared hosting plans)
  • Hostinger’s intuitive “hPanel” control panel to manage your hosting environment.
Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is a good option for those who have overcome shared hosting but are not ready to dive into the complexities involved in having a VPS hosting plan. Hostinger’s cloud hosting plans are designed to give you the high performance of a cloud network with the simplicity of a shared hosting plan. Choose from three cloud plans-

  • Hostinger’s basic plan is called Cloud Startup.
  • The mid-range plan is Cloud Professional.
  • The Cloud Enterprise plan is suitable for large sites with high traffic.
VPS Hosting  

VPS Hosting offers you powerful servers created for speed, but since we are talking about Hostinger, you will not break the bank for any of these plans. VPS options are best for those who need a lot of resources to quickly serve their site and are comfortable with the required administration of such plans. The plans vary among themselves according to the assignments of:

  1. RAM
  2. CPU and computing power
  3. Storage space
  4. Bandwidth supported
So, should you consider Hostinger?

Hostinger offers solid options for those looking for cheap but profitable web hosting. If you’re interested in a no-frills option and you’re not turned off by the inability to reach Hostinger over the phone, try the company. Hostinger Targets High Availability: The Company Protects Its Users From Malicious Attacks Designed To Disconnect Websites, Identifies And Removes Malware As Soon As Possible, And Offers Its Customers Content Delivery Networks To Distribute The Locations From Which They Can Be Sent the data.

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