Family activities at home during lockdown

During Covid 19 pandemic, social interactions and activities have stopped and it has been advised to stay at home. For elders it is easy to understand what is going on outside but for the kids it is really difficult to be at home for a longer period. In these difficult times, it is important to understand their psychology and involve them in some activities so that they can enjoy being at home and not feel bored. Also the phase should be learning for them. So here we have prepared a list of family activities at home which you can let your kids do.

  1. Make a cardboard fort:

If kids are involved in some fun and creative activities, they love it and also their creativity increases which is good for mental health. If you have some spare cardboard boxes at home, you can guide and help them in making cardfort fort. Kids can even make designs and patterns over it to decorate. If you do not have cardboard boxes, then the sheet fort from bed sheets and chairs can be made. It is a simple yet fun activity which your kids will enjoy for a long time.

  1. Setup a treasure hunt:

You can set up a treasure hunt for your kids by putting different items at different palaces and leave the hints behind to find the items. This is a super cool activity to get your kids involved in home activities. The more items are there, the long will be the game and kids will definitely enjoy it. This game is one of the best family activities at home to keep your children occupied for many hours.

  1. Bake with kids:

This is the fun activity to bake yummy stuff with your kids. They can help you in the kitchen and you can spend some quality time with your kids. You can bake cookies, cakes, pastries, cupcakes, etc. which are super tasty to try and you kids will also love to join you in baking. From this activity they will be able to learn about the measurements and this will create their interest as well so that they can learn some cooking activities.

  1. Train the dog:

This activity has multi benefits actually. Your kids will indulge in some activities and they will learn how to train a dog, also your dog will be trained to behave in a good manner. This activity can improve their leadership qualities like to make people learn things, how to behave with them, how to treat animals, etc.

So these are some cool and fun family activities at home which you can try with your kids during lockdown.

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