How to advertise on Facebook

 Well, when speaking about the average cost of Facebook advertising is $0.97 per click, and $7.19 per 1,000 impressions. Ad campaigns based on receiving likes or installing apps should expect to pay $1.07 per installment and $5.47 per download, on average.

Now we are going to explain about How to advertise on Facebook. Check them out below;

There are lot of types to advertise on Facebook. Check them out below;

 Create an Immersive Experience with Facebook Canvas Ads

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If you’ve seen Facebook Canvas Ads demos in action, you may have been interested in the functionality but turned off by the apparently time-consuming process of creating them. Canvas advertisements are a jumble of digital collateral, videos, still images , audio, call-to-actions and other. Is the final product worth its time?

Show Off Your Products with Facebook Carousel Ads

Carousel ads offer advertisers the opportunity to view up to 10 photos or videos in one ad — with 10 separate CTAs — and link to separate landing pages in each Carousel row. They are successful on both the web and mobile, and are eligible for most Facebook ad targets — so if you don’t shoot for online ads, don’t feel like your hands are tied up.

Expand Your Reach with Page Post Engagement Ads

Facebook’s algorithm only gives so much access to your organic posts — and if you like 100 pages, and you add something organically to your account, only about 20 of your followers can see that message. Page post advertisements give strong repair.

Facebook Video Ads: Everyone’s Doing It, and So Should You

Facebook video ads will last up to 240 minutes, so there really is no limit on how much storytelling you will fit into one ad spot. That said, it could be easier to keep it short and simple and add captions — according to Facebook, captioned video advertisements improve video viewing time by an average of 12%.

Keep It Simple with Facebook GIF Ads

That is right in the Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) wheelhouse. Why make a 5-minute video to tell your brand story in less than 10 seconds when you can elicit the reaction you ‘re looking for? GIFs exist in the gap between images and videos — they are simply really brief videos that play on a loop that don’t take much time and effort to create. Here’s a great example of an AdWords Performance Grader GIF ad that we created.

So these are the best How to advertise on Facebook that you can choose . And besides these, there are quite  a lot of choices that you can go for.We hope that provided information has been of help to you. If you have any queries related to these How to advertise on Facebook then feel free to leave a comment below and  we will get back to you asap!

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