Information Technology examples in daily life

Information technology means to study and use computers to store, retrieve and transmit the data. Now the technology is progressing at a very fast rate and so are our lives. Technology makes our life simple, hassle free, quick and smart. Information technology is used everywhere like business, healthcare, education, agriculture and even at our homes. There are so many information technology examples in our daily lives that sometimes we do not realize how far we have come in terms of using smart technologies. In this article we will discuss many such examples where information technology is used. 

One such example is smart speakers such as alexa. It has become so famous that now life is incomplete without this gadget in our home. You can give the voice command and it will help in knowing the things. For instance, you can play the song on alexa and for that you do not have to select song or press buttons, just give the command to alexa and it will play the desired song for you. You can even listen to the news, set reminders, prepare grocery lists, etc on alexa. It is like a best friend to you who can do many things without complaining. 

Even thermostats are available in the market which can dim the light when you sleep or bright the light when you are reading by following the commands given by you. All these are the classic information technology examples.

Apart from that, now you can put your home on surveillance even when you are far away. Many smart home security cameras are available in the market which are really helpful in home security. They have night vision features so capture effectively at night also and in many cameras you can insert memory cards to store the data upto some GB depending on the camera brand.

One more example of technology is robot vacuum cleaners which is becoming very famous these days. One famous robot vacuum cleaner is Roomba which is manufactured by Apple. If you have this, then just forget about the long cleaning schedules. Roomba will help you in cleaning the while house very perfectly. It can sneak under furniture easily and suck the dust and pet hairs effectively and clean every corner of the house by using the house mapping feature.

There are many other gadgets for different purposes like for traveling, gymming, etc which make life easy and informative. So this is all about the information technology examples in our daily lives.

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