Top Online Trading Platform in India

In today’s world, trading market is well advanced that traders need not see only the television or desktop screens for trading options every time. So, the trading companies in the market have created their applications in mobile which is available in the play store for the people who are interested in trading the money to get good income in returns.  By keeping this in mind, the companies will add features, functions and performance for online trading platform India. below are the top trading platforms in India.

5 Best  Online Trading Platform India

India Info line

Find list of India Infoline in Ahmedabad - Justdial

It is one of India’s best trading platform having 4000+ branches in overall India. The IIFL Trader Terminal Desktop platform provides a very integrating and user-friendly development environment.The market shares scenarios are described in a very interactive and understandable mode via charting and analytical features.


Tiger Global pours $25 Mn into stock broking firm Upstox

This is the good platform which comes from the reputed discount broker for competing against the Zerodha Kite. The Upstox will give the traders a better experience through the trading window. So, the Upstox has a good feature when it comes to speed and you can place the trade within 15 seconds which is backed by 256-bit encryption that are impossible to hack. Even Upstox has the option of live tracking of trading transaction. 

Motilal Oswal Trade

Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd, Yogi Chowk - Share Brokers in Surat ...

  • It has a very good name in the share broking industry.
  • It helps you to trade in the market after providing deep information on everything which is relevant to make your investment a good kind of investment.
  • It provides deep information like gainer/losers, most active stocks, top events, latest news, and much useful information.
  • It also provides you with some smart tools like the option writer, Trade Guide Signal, Portfolio Optimizer, Spread trading. These all are trading tools which will help you to make the right decision.
  • It is suitable for real-time investors who want a live market for enabling them to invest any time in the market.

ICICI Trade Racer 

ICICI Trade Racer 2020 : Best Terminal Software for Power Trading

This can be the ideal platform for the people who get live streaming quotes and research calls. The ICICI Trade Racer will include fund transfer option along with the multiple watch list for trading. So, the trade racer will identify good opportunity in the market where people can get the feel of trading, unlike the conventional trading platforms.

The trading platform can provide good experience to the people who are relatively new to the market and above applications are the online trading platform India that can provide the people complete high-level performance while trading. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about top trading platforms in India. Thanks for reading

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