Types of Ventilator mask

Till four months back, no one was talking about the mask and most of us were not taking mask usage seriously as the environment was normal. But suddenly Covid19 pandemic came on global level and the demand of the mask rose exponentially worldwide. Now it is mandatory to wear a mask if you are going out of your house. It ensures the safety of people from one another and lowers the chances of spreading the infections. However, people are not much aware about the types of ventilator masks as there are a lot of variety for different purposes. But it is advisable to wear a good quality mask to prevent the entry of the viruses into your body. Let us check out the types of ventilator masks needed.

  1. N-series (N95, N99, N100):

It is said that N-series masks are not resistant to oil. So they are capable of giving protection against solid and liquid materials in which no oil is present. Examples of some non oil solid materials are coal, metal, wood, flour, pollen, iron ore and also some non oil liquids. N95 means non resistant to oil present in solids and liquids and also the mask is of 95% efficiency. The more efficient, the more particulates will be filtered out. Out of three N-series masks, N95 is the most effective and the life of the mask is based on the condition and the breathing resistance.

  1. R-series (R95):

These R-series masks have resistance to oil both in solid and liquid materials which means they can prevent the inhalation of the aerosols present in the solid and liquid things. However, it is certified that these masks have 8 hours of service life. Due to this short service life restrictions, they are not commonly used for clinical purposes. 

  1. P-series (P95 and P100):

P-series masks are similar to R-series masks in terms of functions which means they also give resistance against aerosols present in solid and liquids particles. These types of masks have resistance to oils, so after wearing it, the inhalation oils are difficult. If we talk about the service life, then P-series masks have a longer service life in comparison to R-series masks. It is certified that this mask can be used for upto 40 hours or 30 days of usage. Whichever count comes first, you need to consider that for the disposal of these marks. Further signs are that masks should not be damaged and there should be no sign of breathing difficulty. 

Now you have enough knowledge about the ventilator mask types.

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