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Many of us are familiar WordPress but understanding how it works is a challenge. Digital Marketing is one of best departments to take up as a career. Just that you have to understand the process. WordPress plays a vital role in digital marketing as you will be working on it in developing and designing the websites.There are several things that you need to consider before deep diving into digital marketing. Content and Keywords are the important aspects that you need to consider because it will help you to generate traffic on your website. All You need to do is to stay connected to our blog to know more about wordpress ecommerce free theme.


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There are in-built plugins that you need to install while working on WordPress. We will be listing down some of the important plugins that you need to install to make your website look nice. Classic editor is one of the most essential plugins that you need to use. It will ensure that you can edit the post by adding the texts and the pictures. Post Views Counter is also a necessary tool that will help you know the no of views that you have got on a website. Likewise, you can also use all in one SEO and WP sitemap plugins.

Logo Making: 

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How to make your website appealing? Logos usually make the website look attractive. There are certain tools for making nice logos and one such tool is Logo Makr. It is supposed to be a free tool, which can also be used to design favicon.

Content Writing: 

Content Writing is the core of digital marketing. You just have to add keywords in the content. Keywords should be used in the introduction, subtitle, and conclusion. If you are not good at writing content, you can outsource to freelancers. If in case you are looking freelancers, Fivver is one of the best platforms for sure.

Hope the blog has efficiently conveyed all the information with regards to wordpress ecommerce free theme. There are many other platforms like the Wixx, which seems to be better than wordpress any day. WordPress is much more user-friendly when compared to wixx. and Stay connected to us for more such sections and thanks for reading!

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