Benefits of PPE kits

These days you must be hearing one term a lot and that is PPE. Do you know what PPE is and what is the main purpose of using PPE kits? Well, PPE stands for Personal Protective Equipment which is used for safety purposes. In these Covid19 pandemic times, PPE kits became popular because of heavy use in the health care sector to protect the health care staff from deadly disease. Before Covid19 pandemic, India was not a manufacturer of PPE kit mainly, we used to import it from other countries. In these tough times, when the demand of these kits is damn high, we had to take steps to manufacture it in our own country and it started. 

Now the major manufacturing centre for PPE kit is bangalore and Gujarat is also contributing in making 100% reusable kits which will be highly helpful in future. Apart from this, Indian Navy is also supporting the production of PPE kit. This kit basically includes  helmets, eye safety glasses, full body suit, respiratory equipment, face shield, gloves, mask, safety footwear, etc. PPE kit price is decided by the company that is manufacturing it. However, it is very difficult to wear this kit all day by the doctors and nurses as it is completely air tight to prevent the entry of virus and bacteria, this creates a hot environment inside the suit and it causes heavy sweating. You can’t even go to the washroom once you wear it. But apart from these challenges, it is a life saving costume for health care personnel. Let us check out the benefits of PPE kits.

  1. During the Covid19 pandemic, healthcare personnel have to deal with hundreds of patients in a day. In this critical situation, PPE kits are really helpful in protecting against deadly viruses and bacteria. While with chemicals, this kit saves from corrosive chemicals which can be hazardous if the skin comes in contact with them. This kit acts as a barrier between you and the virus and therefore, mandatory to wear while dealing with patients.

  1. It gives respiratory protection as well. Some people work at the sites where toxic material is present which can cause serious damage to inhalation. So there is a mask present in the kit which needs to be worn while working on those risky sites. This mask is designed in such a way that dust, harmful fumes, pesticides, etc cannot go inside your body through inhalation and PPE kit price is affordable as well.

So this is all about the PPE kit price and the benefits.

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