Brain Drain Solutions

After seeing the title you must be thinking what brain drain is? Well, let me tell you about this. Brain drain refers to the term when the intelligent minds of the country migrate to other countries in search of money, jobs and fame. This is like a loss to the country as the intelligent people get settled in other countries after finishing their education and start earning there which helps in growing their GDP. today we are discussing it as recently we have seen so many NRIs coming to India who got stuck in different countries during the coronavirus pandemic. This does not give a good sign as when your motherland needs you more, you migrated to the other country for a better lifestyle and now when you think India is safe, you want to come back till the situation gets normal. We need to think about the brain drain solutions and for that we need to know about the reasons behind it which are as follows:

  1. Better salaries and better technologies in other countries.
  2. Political instability which makes people lose their confidence in the government to create opportunities.
  3. Students go abroad for better education and afterwards they feel better living standards there.

Government should take some initiative to stop brain drain which can be as follows:

  1. Rural development:

Villages are the soul of the developed nation. Government should take some initiative and make a roadmap for the development of the rural areas. This will create a lot of opportunities for the poor people in our own country. People can get employment in various sectors like agriculture, handicrafts, women empowerment, etc. This can be helpful in the development of the nation, people will be able to earn a living and this will be one of the brain drain solutions.

  1. Tackling underemployment:
    Underemployment means when you do not get what you deserve. Organizations should take care of this problem while recruiting employees. A person should be hired on the basis of merit, caliber and interest. If he or she is experienced then the previous salary and the experience should count. The post assigned to the person plays an important role in the efficiency of the work.

  1. Proper payment policy:

Any person works for survival and if the salary structure is not proper, it cannot give job satisfaction. There should be a proper payment policy so that people can have job satisfaction which plays an important role in productivity. This is one of the important economic factors for brain drain.

These are the brain drain solutions which our government should think about for the development of the nation.

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