Earn Money by Blogging

Blogging is an emerging online business which is a very convenient and great source of income. If you love writing and you get ideas easily then you should definitely try blogging. This is the best way to utilize your skill \and earn money by blogging. There are many blogging platforms like:

WordPress.com: This is the free blogging website which provides web hosting services. If you are using free services you need to put wordpress Ads and also the customization options will be limited to use. If you have a paid account then you can have your own domain name and unlimited customization options. Also you will be free to put Ads on your website to earn money.

Blogger: This is a free blog hosting website of Google which is very simple to use, however, the customization options are very limited and you are not able to add many features in this.

Medium: If you emphasize more on writing and not designing, then you should opt for this site which is used by many writers and journalists. The only limitation is that you can’t put Ads and no personal branding you can do.

Now let us check out how to earn money by blogging.

  1. Use affiliate marketing on your blog:

It works by adding links of e-commerce websites on your blogs so that when people come to your website, they will be able to see the e-commerce company’s product and on clicking it, they will be directed to the brand website. For this work you will get a commission by the e-commerce company. Almost every e-commerce works this way in affiliate marketing.

  1. Add banner Ads:

You can put banner Ads on your blogging sites but for this you need to have your own domain for which you need to pay. Then only you will be able to add the banner Ads. then according to PPC which means pay per click you will earn money. Like on the basis of the number of people clicking on the Ads when they visit your site, you will get the money. The best way to do this is to create an account with Google Adsense.

  1. Write advertorials and sponsored contents:

This is one the best and effective ways of earning money by blogging in which you write paid articles related to the niches. For instance, if MAC launches new lipstick shades and you have a blog on beauty or fashion, then they can ask you to write a content on new MAC lipstick for which you will be paid.

So this is how to earn money by blogging. Give it a try and see.

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