How is Microwave different from Oven?

Oven is the most common kitchen appliance used in most of the homes. It is convenient to use, fast to cook or heat the food and easy to clean. Most of the time, it is used to heat the food and baking purposes. However, while buying it, you find many options which make it difficult for you to select the suitable one. One such confusion creates between the oven and microwave as people are not much aware that how is microwave different from oven. So we compiled some points regarding microwave vs oven so that next time you can make the right decision.

  1. How it works:

Convection oven heats the food using old technology but at a faster rate and more efficiently. When it is switched on, the first thing is that the rods are heated up and fans start to rotate. Once the rods are heated, heat goes in front of the fan and it circulates the heat around the food to cook or heat it evenly.

Microwave oven is equipped with the new technology in which an electromagnetic wavelength generator is set up in the oven which generates electromagnetic waves to cook the food by heating the water molecules of the food.

  1. Power source:

Convection oven works well on both electricity or gas as it needs energy to heat up the rods. It can work anywhere and that is why this is more reliable and efficient. 

Microwave oven works best with electricity only as the technology used in this cannot work by any other source of energy. Therefore, it is essential to look at power source options while buying an oven.

  1. Cooking time:

When it comes to cooking, a convection oven is much faster in cooking food as the heat is circulated evenly which helps in easy and quick cooking. 

While in a microwave oven, the food gets heated much faster but when it comes to cooking, it is not much efficient in faster cooking. Therefore, a microwave oven is slower than a convection oven in terms of cooking.

  1. Uses:

There is no doubt that a convection oven is much more efficient in cooking all kinds of food, therefore, this could be the best choice as you can do a lot like baking, grilling, roasting and even caramelizing, if you have a convection oven.

Microwave oven is limited to some options only like heating, boiling and defrosting, etc.

So these are some points for microwave vs oven and we hope it is helpful for you.

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