How to connect Samsung TV to WiFi

Now the generation is of the Smart TVs, gone are the days of those bulky and normal TVs. Now you can stream your favorite shows online on your Smart TV whenever you want. Even if you missed it, you can watch it later. There is an option called casting by which we can cast YouTube with the Tv to watch YouTube content on the TV or you can directly play YouTube on the TV via app. Now life has become easier in terms of entertainment. All you need is a smart TV and a high speed and stable wireless internet connection. Now if you have bought Samsung smart Tv and you are facing issues or do not know how to connect samsung TV to WiFi, then this article is meant for you as here we will guide step by step to connect the TV to WiFi.

  1. Power on the TV which you can do by pressing the power button on the remote which comes with the TV or you can switch it on by pressing the button from the TV panel. In case you face any issue with this option, as it can vary with the model, so you need to download the panel guide from the internet on your phone.
  2. Now once the TV is switched on, press the home, menu or smart hub button on the remote which will take you to the home menu of the TV.
  3. Now the next step is that you need to press on the general option in the home menu.
  4. Once you enter into the general menu, you need to click on the network option.
  5. After that select open network setting or network setup. Either of the options you can find as it varies with the model.
  6. Now for how to connect the samsung TV to WiFi, select wireless and you will see that many internet options come. In case you do not get any internet option on the list, then reboot the WiFi access point. Keep it in mind that different models work with different internet frequency.
  7. Once you get your WiFi name in the list, select it. If it is password protected. Then it will ask for the password which you need to enter. Once you enter the correct password, the TV will get connected to the wireless internet connection.
  8. Once the TV is connected to the WiFi, you are all set to enjoy the streaming contents on the TV.

This is how to connect samsung TV to WiFi for full on entertainment.

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