How to increase immunity

If you want to keep the diseases away then you need to boost your immunity. In these Covid 19 pandemic, it is necessary to have a proper diet, sleep and strong immunity to minimize the chances of getting infected. There are many cells, blood and bone marrow which play an important role in fighting against the infections. Every role should be played properly by each component for better immune responses. Let us discuss in detail how to increase immunity.

  1. Enough sleep:

If you take inadequate sleep then it might cause problems with the body immunity and weaken the responses. You should sleep for 6 to 8 hours for a strong immune system. Fix your sleep and wake up timings. Limit the screen timings before going to bed as blue light affects the sleep. Also try to sleep in a dark room or use a sleeping mask. Meditation and exercise also help in getting proper sleep.

  1. More whole plant foods:

Whole plant foods like fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes and seeds are necessary for strong immunity. There are many antioxidants present in the fruits and vegetables which fight against the unstable free radicals in the body. These free radicals can cause different types of problems in the body.

Fibre present in the fruits and vegetables helps in keeping the gut clean by removing pathogens and toxic material from the gut.

Vitamin C present in many citrus fruits helps in boosting immunity and prevents common cold.

  1. Healthy fats:

Healthy fats is the answer to how to increase immunity as it helps in boosting the immunity by decreasing the inflammation in the body. Ghee or clarified butter is essential for the pepper functioning of the cells. Apart from that, salmon fish is a good source of good fats which should be consumed on a regular basis. Olive oil is anti-inflammatory which prevents many chronic diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, etc. Omega 3 fatty acids increase good fats in the body and decrease bad fats.

  1. Limit added sugars:

 Added sugars and refined carbs are very bad for health. They can cause overweight and obesity which leads to many problems in the body. If you limit intake of the sugar then it can help in maintaining weight and health which prevents many diseases. 

  1. Yoga and exercises:

You should practice yoga and exercise on a daily basis as this helps in boosting the immune system with proper functioning of the cells, tissues and organs. Walking, cycling. Swimming, jogging, etc can be included in the daily routine.

These are some tips for how to increase immunity. Be healthy!

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