Modern agricultural technology

Technology has played a crucial role in agricultural development. Now farmers are able to grow crops in the areas where they thought it’s not possible. All thanks to genetic engineering which is a mixed branch of science and technology. With the help of genetic engineering new breeds are formed by mixing genes of different breeds of plants which are capable of growing anywhere in any season. Like this, there are many examples which make agriculture advanced and effective for the farmers.

There are many uses of technology in agriculture which makes it modern agricultural technology.

  1. Farm machines:

Machines play an important role in farming. Earlier there used to be different machines for every purpose. Now technology became advanced which produced machines for both the planting and harvesting purposes. This saves the time and energy of the farmers. In agriculture, time and production matters. This also helps in better and high yield of the crops. One more benefit is that it saves the labor costs which are too expensive these days.

  1. Crop sensors:

Due to increases in the population of pests and insects, it is necessary to save the crops by using insecticides and pesticides. But which insecticides and pesticides to be used, when to be used and in which quantity to be used. This is the concern as the exceeding quantity can ruin the crop. In this situation crop sensors are helpful which let the farmer know about all these conditions and what a crop needs. They are designed in such a way that they tell through the application machinery what they need and when.

  1. GPS in field documentation:

Use of GPS is becoming common in the field of agriculture which is used to record the status of the farmland. It is useful in determining the yields of a farm. This data collection is useful while making any decision related to farming, harvesting, planting, etc.

  1. Biotechnology:
    Genetic engineering the branch of biotechnology in which genes are combined to grow a better crop. The main purpose of doing plant genetic engineering is to produce a variety of crops which have resistance to pests and insects so that we can promote organic farming without the use of insecticide and pesticide. This also helps in the high yield which benefits the farmers. This helps in saving money also which they had to use to purchase  insecticides and pesticides. Because of genetic engineering, now farmers can do farming even in desert areas.

Agriculture is one of the important pillars for any country which needs to be strong with modern agricultural technology.

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