Upcoming SUV in India 2020

Well to start with, Car is considered to be a luxury. If you are really passionate about driving a car, then it is worth buying. Some of us may consider it for helping us reach the destination and not more than that. There are many segments in the car. SUV, Sedan, and Hatchback are the ones which are predominately being used in our country. There are some cars which are ranked as upcoming suv in india 2020. This article would help the reader know about the upcoming suv in india 2020.

• Toyota ​4 runner

Toyota 4 runner is one of the best SUV even now. It just looks like the new released Toyota fortuner. The shape of this might look little outdated but the quality and the power remains a class apart. Toyota 4 runners has hit best car of the year for more than 13 years. The vehicle’s design has not been re-used till date by Toyota. It is supposed to be the first bullet proof car made by Toyota.

• Toyota Camry

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Toyota Camry’s dashing looks made the passionate drivers to take a look at it whenever it passed by. This comes under the sedan section and is known for the aerodynamics. Even though it is quite expensive, the security features in this car makes the buyers buy it blindly. The stability at cornering is at the best in this car. It has hit the market since it was manufactured way back in 1993. This car rules the States now.

• Lexus ES

It has been 11 years since it came into the market. Since then Lexus ES has been the best Sedan segment ever produced by Lexus. When asked the owner’s review about this car, they say the car has never troubled when it comes to transmission, electrical, and fuel system in 11 years and is rated as most reliable cars of all time. Henceforth if you are looking for a car to spin around at high speeds, Lexus ES is the best choice. The Lexus is known as the upcoming suv in india 2020.

• Toyota RAV4

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This sports utility vehicle has been the best SUV segment car ever produced by Toyota if you consider off-roading. There were some complaints made on this car as it had very bad turning radius and was a big flop when cornering. Toyota never looked back and they came up with newer designs in 2013 and 2016 which became a great hit.

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